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Tips to make your move easier and less stressful

House closings
It is not advisable to plan a move on the same day that you plan to close on a house. If the move is going to be near the time of your closing or on the same day as your closing you must let us know.

It is not advisable to plan to sign a lease and move on the same day. Plan to have the lease done and the keys to your new place in your hands before the moving truck arrives. Even after the lease has been signed, just picking up the keys often takes 30 minutes, which may cause the movers to have to wait.

Plan to have contracting work complete before or after the move happens. This includes painting, flooring, landscaping, roofing... It is more difficult and sometimes not possible for us to perform a move when there is other service work being performed at the same time or when contractors have tools and equipment set up in and around the work site.

However, we do often co-exist with cable installation happening at the same time as the move. But cable installation is still easier to have done after the move is finished. This is so we are not in each others way, and because the cable installer needs the TV equipment to be moved in and in placed before doing the installation.

Keep your schedule free around the time of your move

For instance, if you are moving in the morning, don't make a business appointment for noon. If your move takes longer than expected, or there is a rain delay, there could be a schedule conflict.

Packing and preparation

We are experts at packing a wide array of household items and provide packing services when requested.

If you are doing your own packing GIVE YOURSELF PLENTY OF TIME TO PACK. Preparing for a move usually takes considerably more time than people initially realize. Give yourself adequate time so you do not get overwhelmed or stressed at all that needs to be done. When some one has packed up very well it makes our job much easier, and helps the move go quicker and reduces the overall price of the move.

Use boxes of standard sizes
You could go to a grocery store or liquor store and get boxes for free. But they will be in many various and inconsistent sizes. For us to handle a great number of boxes like this is more difficult and time consuming than if they were of standard sizes, The result is a move that takes longer and costs more compared to a move that uses standard size boxes.

Standard size boxes are much easier for us to handle and they hold up better. We can provide boxes like this the day of the move. Home depot sells standard size moving boxes at low prices.

  • Small: 1.5 cubic feet
  • Medium: 3.0 cubic feet
  • Large: 4.5 cubic feet

Select the appropriate size box for the items you are packing. Heavy and dense items need to go in small boxes to keep the box from getting too heavy. Don't take a medium size box and fill it with books, it will be too heavy. And the largest size boxes are for light fluffy items, not heavy items.

Pack boxes to the top, don't pack it only half way and leave the other half full of air.

Do not leave the box overflowing and spilling out the top. We want all boxes to be taped shut.

Secure the bottom and top of the box with packaging tape. Folding the flaps to close the box is simply not adequate.

If you want boxes put in specific locations they need to be clearly labeled for us to see, and the label needs to be on the side of the box, not on the top.

Do not place sharp objects in boxes, which could poke through.

Liquids, soaps and cleaners should be packed separately in plastic tubs and kept separate. We will take liquids at our discression

Perishables and food should be packed separate from other items. We will take perishables at our discretion.

Do not pack chemicals for us to take.

Bags are an inexpensive way to package select items, but usually not everything can go in bags, you are going to need to use boxes or totes for most items. There are many items that bags are not good for. Only use bags for light fluffy items that are not fragile and do not have pointed edges. If you are going to use some bags only use heavy duty bags. You can also use vacuum bags for clothing.

Weapons, ammo and firearms
We do not move any of these. Please make other arrangements.

Merge with new items
Little miscellaneous items take allot of time. To make moving easier it is best to take items that are smaller than lets say a toaster oven, and place them in a larger box with other items.

Dangerous materials
Please make ALL of the movers aware of any items that have broken glass or sharp pieces. No Bleach or chemicals. Drain fuel from power tools into an approved container not the ground.

Dressers and chests
Leave drawers in place. Clothing and light items can stay. However books, breakables, and anything heavy should be taken out.

Set aside any personal items you will want the movers to pack up in boxes or in the truck. This including such things as medicines papers, luggage keys, contracts. If you will need something immediately when you arrive at your new home, take it with you or have us put it on the truck last. The bathroom is one place you may choose to put items you don’t want the movers to take.

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